Here are some impressions of our work, mostly depicting our chef’s table and cocktail canapes. Check out our fresh instagram and facebook accounts for more pictures of events and parties.

Culinart - Butterfish & Cucumber Relish
Culinart - Hotate Quinoa Sushi
Culinart - Hotate Quinoa Sushi
Culinart - Spiced Duck Breast, Mulled Wine & Grilled Figs
Culinart - Madison Rimadesio Private Dinner
Culinart - Baramundi Carpaccio
Culinart - Atlantic Plaice with Chorizo
Culinart - Pimento with Crabmeat
Culinart - Foie Gras with Dragon Fruit Gastrique
Culinart - New World Legal Counsel Dinner
Culinart Events and Parties - Vegetable Salad
Culinart - Pulled Pork Cinnamon Emmental Swirl
Culinart - Dessert
Culinart - Diver Scallop with Fava Beans