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Bowl Food

Culinart catering menus are popular because they are a celebration of modern cuisine. No doubt the use of vibrant and seasonal ingredients is our utmost priority. We are sourcing them globally, however locally as much as possible. Thus, our canapes & bowl food are a great way to entertain your guests.

Gourmet Cuisine

We share the goal of developing creative and delicious array of dishes for our guests.  Whether a dish is traditional or out of the box, Culinart has a twist that makes it exquisite. We tailor menus for each event, while staying committed to the unmatched flavours of the ingredients. From the process of sourcing ingredients, to developing a dish, we respect the integrity of our food.

Culinart offers a variety of international menus because we feel our clients are well traveled. Ranging from Asian, Mediterranean, Latin, American all presented with a Modern and Western sensibility. If there is any recipe that you would like we will ensure to perfect it for your event! Our chefs are up for the challenge and happy to develop this specifically for you.

Sophistication in Small Bites

Our on-site chefs and pastry chefs have extensive fine dining experience. As a result, we offer creative bowl foods, tray-passed or enjoyed at a food station. We always add a bespoke part and a twist to your event by offering trendy flavours that will appeal to all guests.

Our dedicated chefs produce everything from stock to bread in our own kitchen. The carefully selected ingredients that go into every dish also don’t have MSG or preservatives.

There’s a clear understanding that time and timing is a major factor to ensure a successful event. We pride ourselves as our catering staff and chefs always deliver quality seasonal food and the best service.  So, we are here to help…stress-free.

Bowl Food for Dietary Requirements

In addition, we cater with options to vegetarians, vegans, kosher, gluten-free diets and anyone with sensitivity to specific ingredients.

For all Occasions

We offer bowl foods as an alternative to our a la carte and canape menu. It’s somewhere in between. Another creation of culinary delights with small portions, usually having protein and starch. Perfect for lunch and dinner time events with a larger food serving. It is popular passed around or served at food stations. Try our chef’s table and dessert presentation as well.


Bowl Food Culinart