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Promote Team Synergy with our Hands-On Corporate Cooking Class Team Building Events

We are all in the people business and at Culinart we connect people through a culinary experience. What better way than to put like-minded people together. Better yet, as group to experience food and bond through our fun team building events?!

Culinart offers team building events for all skill sets. From the most basic knife and traditional cooking skills to an all-out molecular food science lab.

Team Building Events Culinart

Team Building Events by Culinart

Perfect for learning some professional culinary skills whilst having a fun-filled experience. Our team building events with cooking lessons offer the ideal opportunity to carry out both. Why not a fun birthday celebration whilst also incorporating an interactive part?!

We start the event with a demonstration of your task at hand. Our team is then guiding you through a variety of food handling and preparation sessions with on-going support throughout. Hence team members will get a sense of achievement once they have completed their dish.

Increase Productivity

Many companies and smaller businesses are seeking our group cooking lessons. Not only is it great as a corporate activity but it also boosts morale and promote valuable teamwork skills. Because this activity demands involvement, quieter staff members break out of their shell. Therefore, they will interact with their fellow colleagues, fostering inter-department relationships and strengthening ties of comradery. This is helping improve social relations and defines roles within your team.

A dinner usually follows the team building exercise, expertly prepared by our team so you can relax for the rest of the night.

Contact us to arrange for your own team building event!

We had a fantastic event at Culinart and appreciated the friendly service. The venue is excellent and a real escape from the hustle and bustle of HK and a great place for a corporate event.


We love working with Culinart as they are constantly on the pulse of the latest food trends, delivering fresh and innovative dishes which always exceed our clients’ expectations!